This Tumblr Account Exposes People Who Lie About #nofilter On Their Instagram Posts

In one of the great social media crimes of our day, there are actually people who post pictures to Instagram and claim their pictures are so beautiful, they didn’t need one of the service’s trademark filters, but in reality, they actually have a filter applied.

Filter Fakers — in what might be the most relevant use of a Tumblr account so far — is seeking to expose those who would portend to post a photo and lie about their use of a filter.

Filter Fakers scours Instagram for photos with a #nofilter hashtag and identifies whether they actually have filters applied to them. If Filter Fakers catches an offending photo, it will repost the photo on its Tumblr blog, with details of who posted the photo and which filter they used.

The service actually goes a step beyond that by providing a tool that lets users insert the URL of their friends’ photos and scan to see if a filter was applied in their shots. That feature, the Filter Catcher, is simple to use and could be a great way to call out friends who post pictures of sunsets every night and claim they are the handiwork of their great photography skills and not something aided by the crutch of a filter.

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