This USB Key Will Reset The Password On Your Windows Device

In only a few more days, the Password Reset Key will be fully funded on Kickstarter. And by fully funded, I mean funded more than 28 times the original £1,000 goal. There’s a reason people are so excited for this. It’s a physical key that helps you quickly reset any password on Windows PCs.

Password Reset Key

The Password Reset Key

The main selling point for this key is convenience and ease of use. It’s shaped like a key, so you can keep it with you at all times on your key ring (you know, with those other keys you don’t want to lose). Using it doesn’t take any crazy computer skills—all you have to do is turn off your computer, plug the key into your computer’s USB port, and turn it back on again. It will boot the PC into a special administrator mode, which will allow you to view all the user accounts on the computer and reset the password you need.

The Password Reset Key works with these operating systems:

  • Windows NT 4
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1

Check out this video by key creator Jonty Lovell to see how you can reset a password with the key in less than 60 seconds.

Want to get your hands on one? Pledge £10 (plus £5 for shipping costs, so about $25) and get the standard 1 GB Password Reset Key in February of this year.

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  • Austin

    Seems like a good way for computer thieves to bypass locked computers to me, good idea with bad possibilities unless the key is married to a specific computer and only works with it.

  • Nemo

    Sounds like a great way to break into somebody else’s computer, or lock the owner out of it. Carrying lock-picking tools is considered evidence of criminal intent. How is this different?

  • ideationz

    Much like the two comments that follow, I am concerned about the potential for abuse with this product. It would be helpful to know how those issues have been addressed and ameliorated. I am not clear why I would want to break all my own passwords (there are so many apps on the market that help the user to securely keep them all accessible).
    A little more information and insight would be helpful. Thanks!

  • Voice of Sanity

    Right. Like the boot CDs that do the exact same thing haven’t been around for over a decade. Floppy disks years before that. If you have physical access to the computer, a password isn’t going to keep you out.
    This is nothing new. It’s just a USB boot disk that’s shaped like a key. Get over yourselves.

    • Tim kelly

      I agree. Mybjobbrequires I be ablecto reset passwords as needed, but anythingv has potential roe abuse.

    • Señor Barfdragon

      Absolutely, but this is “news” to people that didn’t know that this could be accomplished before. Also, this is going to make any average Joe think that he/she is a hacker because they got access to their friend’s/family’s computer.

  • Questionable

    This is just CHNTPW on a flash drive right?

  • Patricia

    This is not really new. You can download the ISO image of PCUnlocker, and burn it to a CD or USB drive for resetting lost password for any Windows box.