This Video Of A Guy Using Siri To Get A Date Is Going Viral

While it’s unclear how he got Siri to call the numbers, a behind-the-scenes video has been promised. While the video was only published yesterday, it’s about to surpass 300,000 views.

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  • Dan Schratz

    I’ll bet they knew someone that knew the person, so they got their number from them and named them “that cute girl next to me” in their contacts

    • Eman

      You don’t say…

  • Anthony

    From the Behind the scenes video (Which has been released), a person “borrowed their phone” to call someone, which was the pranker. Stewart recorded Siri saying those things, and played them. Once he got to the spot where he would call, he called the last number, which was the prankee. Go watch it again and the behind-the-scenes!

  • Brad Krane

    retarded..what a waste of expensive airwaves!!

  • Don Austen

    Even idiots can have their 15 minutes of fame.

  • alli

    i will try to see if it does