This Wallpaper Blocks Your Wi-Fi Stealing Neighbors

There’s nothing worse than trying to use your Wi-Fi and not have it function at top capacity.  Why might your network be bogged down?  You can blame your cable company or you can blame your cheap-o neighbors.

French researchers must have had a real problem with their neighbors.  They’ve developed a new wallpaper that’s designed to keep your Wi-Fi signals within your walls.  The wallpaper utilizes a special ink containing silver crystals that block router operating frequencies.

This means your router works just as well within your designated space, but the signal will be trapped within the walls you add that “special” touch to.

No price range has been quoted yet, but it has been said to be within the same price range as a conventional, mid-range wallpaper.  The source of the technology and the intel are from researches at the Grenoble Institute of Technology.

Now just add a few awesome Wi-Fi network names, and your neighbors should be a non-issue.  At least in the Wi-Fi department.

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  • Andrew

    Or, you could, you know, add a password to your wifi. I hear it keeps people you don’t want on your network….. But that’s just the rumor.

    • Siflan

      Always tryin’ to sell more than they should.

    • Janet Reed

      That’s what I thought!

    • Ian M

      And the neighbor could, ya know, use a cracking program like backtrack and get on but that’s just a rumor…

      • Andrew

        Ok, let’s think logically, if anyone cares enough about their wifi security enough to go out and buy this, they would likely be a business instead of personal, which would likely already be using WPA2 encryption, have fun with that.

        That being said, if you really wanted to get access to their wireless network, no wifi blocking wallpaper is really going to stop you.

        Thinking for the practical person who wouldn’t likely be able to afford this stuff, having a router with WPA (WPA2 is better of course) is sufficient to keep the average person from simply hopping on your wifi.

        This is what I was thinking, feel free to give more ideas that I have not accounted for.

    • ArchiM

      There is no problem with password of course.
      There is problem with co-existing routers on same frequency.
      For example if you have all 802.11n devices and your neigbor have 802.11g device on same frequency it will slow down your network.
      When your neighbor’s router or laptop is sending data on same channel and your router “hears”, it should sit and wait before sending it’s own data.

    • Keith

      READ THE ARTICLE, DOPE! He’s talking about INTERFERENCE from your neighbors “too loud” (powerful) WiFi router! Like N routers stepping on G routers because N hogs 2 or 3 channels at a time!

  • H4CK3Rz

    put a password on your wifi and anyone with backtrack and some youtube videos can get on your wifi, this is a physical solution that blocks the wireless transmission…..think before you comment….

    • iHack

      Sorry, but that’s not right.

    • Andrew

      I think you are lacking some details in order for your idea to work. Not criticizing the wifi blocking wallpaper idea, just that it makes it seem like people who would want this are not securing their network in the first place. All about the $$.

    • Chronos

      obviously know very little about wireless, using WPA2 with
      AES encryption and a strong password (mixed case, numbers
      and special characters of 12 to 20 chars(or more)) produces
      very hard if not impossible wifi to break into.
      My Source: 4 years of college & bachelors degree in computer science…

      P.S.. educate before you comment….

  • caleb

    Its called a password and encryption to only allow manually approved devices… if ur tryharding enough to get through all that then you probly deserve free wifi

    • Delicroix

      Lmao love the end.

  • Unai

    Good bye cell phone coverage! Hello bouncing electromagnetic waves!

  • Peter

    How about a wallpaper that keeps sound in?

    • Jim

      I’d be more interested in wallpaper that keeps sound out!

  • Rusty

    Or you could have your network hidden and with a password,that works very good.

  • Northvan beancounter

    But will it block smart meter signals from entering the house?

  • RLovrin1

    Why use wifi blocking wallpaper when you can use WPA2 with AES (which requires a password), a hidden SSID, and if you want to go that extra mile, MAC address access filtering

    • Delicroix

      Good indeed, however there backtrack, revealing hidden wifi+ sniff the packet to reveal victim ip+ spoof your laptop to match victim mac adress all with backtrack….. Cracking wp2 psk is impossib.. Unless u have the raimbow table that cost 100 to 1000 dollar t it will crack any wp2 psk password 99 percent

  • Wifiuser

    It’s not only about other people making free use of your wi-fi, its about the performance of your own wi-fi network. The more wi-fi routers you can see the more interference there is with your own router and the slower your performance. Try living in a block of units where everyone has a wi-fi router – you end up with slower network speeds and more wi-fi drop outs. Yes you can look at the channels that others are using and try to use the least congested channels but in a perfect world yours would be the only wi-fi router in the area.
    Can’t comment on the effect on mobile phones !

  • cageycat

    Do you remember the stories of people wearing tin foil on their heads, fearing alien or government mind control? Paranoia is a strong selling point. Maybe the French purveyors of this had something else on their minds.

  • Shauna K. Hartford-Begley

    Is this real wallpaper? I’m sure my wifi is being used by neighbors but as a paraplegic since since 2011 needing nursing care, there are only certain things I can do. Can you help me, please?

    • Shauna Hartford-Begley

      How much is this? I need to know before I get it as That is exremely important!

    • Sharon Kennedy

      You my friend are afraid of your own shadow. You hurt people for erotic pleasure. It doesn’t matter to you who you hurt with lies you have recanted, told again, recanted. No one believes a word you say. They call you coo coo. Yeah you need this wifi wallpaper for toilet paper!