This wearable activity tracker is made out of solid metal

Tracking devices are exciting. I just posted about the new Jawbone UP 2. And now we have something a bit less conspicuous than the UP or the FuelBand. It’s a tiny little aircraft-grade aluminum disk that clips to you.

Misfit Shine

This new product on Indiegogo fundraising site needs a $79 pledge to get you your own. It even comes with a sports wristband if you want to wear it that way.

The little disk has a clasp that will connect to the waste of your pants or the pocket of your jacket. It can track steps, bike pedals and swim strokes. You pair it with your iOS or Android device and set daily goals. Then track them to see how well you’re doing.

Weird pairing technology

Wireless networking doesn’t work well. The device is made of metal, so rather than communicate over Bluetooth like the wristbands we’ve featured, this little guy is placed on the screen of your device for pairing. I have no idea how that would make it work.

Joshua Howland

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