This Website Allows You To Easily Create A GIF

Oh the GIF. The ever active, and hyperactive, GIF. These little bits of data can either light up our eyes or make us shake our head in shame. Thanks to a nifty web app, you can now make a gif of this response to respond to the gif (wrap your little Inception minds around that).

Point your browser over to github to check out ‘Face to GIF‘. This HTML 5 app will let you record your face (or whatever you can put in front of your computer’s camera) and make a bonefied GIF out of it to share with all the world. No longer to you have to rely on old 80′s clips, talk show moments or news stories.

Fan or no fan of this sort of meme, you may be interested to note that these sort of GIFs may be the first thing that extraterrestrials see of us. Yup. This year, conceptial artist, Kim Asendorf created “Humans watching Digital Art” which features a man watching digital art and scratching his head. This GIF will be beamed into the lone corners of space as part of an extraterrestrial outreach program.

Can you do better than ‘bald man scratching head’? Check out the app and try for yourself.

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