Three apps to get you through Baseball season this year

I swear the best holiday is opening day for the MLB season. It is as if, Christmas came early and Santa dropped a beautiful gift on my front door. Now unlike most, I have TWO teams that I adore very much (Baltimore Orioles & Philadelphia Phillies). Now when you think about tracking, watching, worshiping one team its hard enough to devote all that time but add another team and you might be overboard. So I tracked down all the apps that make my season just a little bit easier to enjoy. At Bat 11 – $14.99 – (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) What doesn’t this app offer? Watch every game from the 2011 season on your phone, including archived games. Get interactive with your team by checking in at the Ballpark, accessing interactive venue maps, and even watch highlight videos on games via your device. Also tie in your Twitter and Facebook account to share your activity. Each app users Home Screen is customizable to host your favorite team. You can also access team stats, scores, rosters, breaking news, schedules, and standings on any MLB team. Overall a great app for the die hard baseball fan that isn’t afraid to shell out a couple bucks for a solid app.

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper – $9.99 – (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) The ultimate in baseball score keeping. I cannot even start to name all the things this app can do. The app is capable scoring youth baseball/softball, high school/college games, and professional games. From team managing to broadcasting the game on iScoreCast where anyone in the world can watch the game (no video) this app is a score keepers dream. Coolest feature, it allows you to export your information via email (EXCEL, CSV, and HTML).

ESPN Fantasy Baseball 2011 – $Free – (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) Oh the fantasy baseball app, the app that every fantasy baseball must love must have. I tried out several fantasy before settling on this one. First and foremost, its Free and I LOVE that. Overall the best Fantasy app in my eyes because of the ease of maintaining your teams, and being able to watch your players in real times. You honestly cannot miss anything FANTASY with this app.

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