Time Magazine names the top 30 Tumblr blogs

It’s hard to believe that Tumblr is already 5 years old. That’s like 35 in internet years. Or is that dog years? Either way, it’s definitely come a long way. Now the popular blogging platform gets over 15 billion pageviews a month. That staggering popularity led Time Magazine to do a profile of what it considers that Top 30. However, it appears that there was no criteria other than votes from readers. So it’s more of a popularity contest than anything. If you’re looking for the top 30 in terms of most unique visitors or readers, this isn’t your list. But if you are curious to see what Time chose as its favorites, check it out.

The categories of the Top 30 include news, photography & art, style & design, science, humor & entertainment, and miscellaneous. One of my favorites from the list is Officials Say The Darndest Things. It’s perfect for the politically inclined and those who think the Republican Debates are more entertaining than any reality TV show ever. It basically calls out elected officials for saying stupid things and it’s hilarious. Another good one is Put This On, which teaches us men how to dress like grown ups.  And no blogging list is complete without talking about adorable puppies and kittens, so make sure you check out Animals Talking in All Caps.

So what do you think of Time’s list? Did they leave off any of your favorites?

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