T-Mobile Will Launch 4G LTE In These 7 Markets Tomorrow (March 26th)

On March 26th, T-Mobile will flip the switch on 4G LTE in its first seven cities. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, BlackBerry Z10, or T-Mobile Sonic 2.0, and you live in one of the cities listed below, you’ll soon be blazing along at 4G LTE speeds like the rest of us who’ve been enjoying 4G LTE for a while now. More good news: you don’t need a new SIM card and there’s no price difference for using 4G LTE.

Here are the cities:

- Las Vegas, NV
- Phoenix, AZ
- San Jose, CA
- Houston, TX
- Washington DC
- Kansas City, MO
- Baltimore, MD

I’ve always wondered how carriers choose which cities get the latest and greatest upgrades first. I’m sure there’s some fancy way for them to figure population density in their largest markets, add in the cost of tower upgrades, then account for a handful of other things, but I looked at this list and scratched my head. Why not New York? Los Angeles? Chicago? Seattle? Or a handful of other major cities? Maybe they’re working on those and they’re just not ready to bring them online yet. Or maybe they’re not. Who knows.

Anyway, if you find your T-Mobile devices flying and zipping along at new speeds, the likes of which you’ve never seen (except for Carley on a motorcycle), be sure to let us know how good it is (or isn’t) on Twitter – tweet me: @mbchp. You can download the most popular speed test app (Speedtest.net) for Android here. (I’m not posting the iOS version of the app because no Apple device will support T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network right now; only its HSPA+ network.)


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