Too easy — How To Hack A Phone Number and How To Protect Yourself

How hard do you think it is to steal somebody’s phone number and get access to all of their voicemails?

Not very hard. Check out the video:

How to hack like the World reporter

Let’s recap, just in case you are to busy (or lazy) to watch the video.

How to hack into a person’s voicemail:

  1. Find out the phone number of the phone that you want to hack.
  2. Utilize the open-source caller ID spoofing service
  3. Call the service
  4. Enter the number you want to call
  5. Enter the number you are calling from (the same number, if you’re hacking voicemail)
  6. Listen to voice messages. Maybe they’re top-secret. Odds are they’re not, but hopefully you can at least hear some amusing or awkward ones.
  7. Get in trouble for hacking because is not good.

Here’s how to protect yourself

  1. Password-protect your voicemail, even when calling from your own phone number.

For most people, this probably isn’t even necessary. I don’t have any confidential voicemails. In fact, I don’t even know if I have any recent voicemails.

But if you do use voicemail frequently, make sure that you set up a password.

Thoughts on security

It is scary how easy it is to be hacked, even by someone who might not be a pro. But it’s always good to have an occasional reminder that you can get hacked.

Internet and phone security is like any other security system. Any system can be broken, but if you have the right barriers set in place, you probably won’t get hacked.

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