Toyota Entune: Apps on your dash

One of the more interesting debuts at CES this year was the debut of Toyota’s “Entune” technology. It links your smartphone with the touch-screen on the dash of your Toyota. All you need to do is download the app, connect your phone via Bluetooth and you are good to go. Entune allows you to run a considerable amount of your apps through your car’s dash screen.

In addition, by syncing your phone and car with Entune, it lets your run your apps via voice command. The most popular of these will likely be navigation apps through Bing that would allow drivers to have a multitude of points of interest without any additional navigation software. Pandora should also see heavy usage as you would be able to navigate the station by voice command rather than by fiddling with your phone while driving. No matter what you need to do, your Toyota should be able to do it for you. Real time traffic, weather, sports, fuel and stocks prices can also be run through customizable options on your dash.

This is just the next step in integrating technology into your car. Entune seems to offer a new approach to running your smartphone through your car, and has a lot of cool features. Is technology like this a good thing though for drivers, or does it just present another distraction and potential for accidents. I’d say that while it is definitely a cool option, that in the long run the more things we can do with our cars, the worse it will be. I know plenty of people who have a hard enough time driving without the added distraction of running their stock options at the same time.

What are your thoughts?

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