Trading privacy for paychecks; why you may need to edit your Facebook page

For those that enjoy overflowing their Facebook pages with photos and posts that are or close to borderline inappropriate, may want to think again if they want a paycheck. Of course Facebook has privileged us with limited profiles and other privacy burrows that can hide our personal lives from some, but recently that may not be good enough.

MSNBC’s Red Tape blog reports that some employers and colleges want access into seeing whom they are really working with. Interviewees are starting to be asked to show potential employers their person lives by logging into their Facebook or Twitter accounts during the interview! Talk about a question you didn’t prepare for.

According to MSNBC’s blogger Bob Sullivan, the Department of Corrections in Maryland has been making interviewees show their wall posts, pictures, and other interactions with friends.

Okay, having to show that in order to work at the Department of Corrections is understandable. But having to show that to be a college athlete? Debatable.

Sullivan reports that “student-athletes in colleges around the country also are finding out they can no longer maintain privacy in Facebook communications because schools are requiring them to ‘friend’ a coach or compliance….”

With little surprise, these occurrences have stirred up some controversy. The American Civil Liberties Union aren’t forgetting the peoples’ right of privacy and free speech. The Illinois state legislature went far enough to introducing a bill that bans employers of acting on this new procedure.

Ridiculous as it is, you never know if it may start to trend in your city. So as a heads up to those of us looking for employment or even to keep it, it may be time for some editing.

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