Transfer money to another person via AMEX Serve

You gotten back from a lovely, but expensive date with your wife and are just thanking your babysitter for another job well done when she informs you that her baby sitting rate has been raised, in fact, doubled. Annoyed at this bit of news, but thinking you can still escape the situation, you pull out what cash you withdrew for her and explained that this is all you have. She smiles gently, pulls out her iPhone to launch the AMEX Serve app and asks if you would like to pay in advance for the next job before her rates climb again. As you pull your iPhone and launch your own version of the app, you vow never again to tout what great features this service has to your wife when your money-hungry baby sitter is within earshot.

This indeed may be your future as American Express has in fact launched their own personal payment service for iOS and Google’s Android. Think of it as a direct competitor to PayPal, because that is what it is. The application allows you to not only have your own account and ‘Serve’ plastic card tied to it, but you can also (as painfully illustrated above) pay, or receive payment via device to device. Pretty slick and nice to have for splitting lunches, paying people when you are out of cash, employee expense accounts, etc.. The app is available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

As with most things, there are some fees here and there (read this hands on review at but these may be mentally canceled out due to ease of use and headache. Many fees are also being waived for the first six months while the service gets off the ground. What do you think? Something you’d be interested in using even if it costs you some fees? Sound off in the comments.

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