5 Tips for the Traveling Blogger

Since it is the traveling season, I figured this would be the perfect topic to blog about and coincidently I happen to be in the midst of going home to visit family for the holidays. Blogging can be extremely hard to accomplish when distractions lurk from every corner, so whether you are blogging for fun or because you are required, here are a few helpful hints to getting the task done while on the go.

  1. Use Your Travel Time Wisely: Whether you are on a bus, waiting for a plane, or in a taxicab, use your travel time to your advantage and brainstorm your blogging ideas wherever you go! Some of the best ideas come from limbo places and it is a great use of otherwise wasted time.
  2. Be Wi-Fi Savvy: Internet connection can get pricey when you are on the go, and sometimes sketchy when it comes to connection. Most hotels usually offer connection near the lobby or bar for free. You might also try a McDonald’s or look for signals in residential neighborhoods. You may be lucky enough to find an unlocked connection that belongs to a family or university nearby.
  3. Write Your Drafts in Word First: Whether you are writing blogs or not, write them in Microsoft Word, Notepad or a text editor that doesn’t require Internet connection to operate. Then, once Internet access has been acquired, you can cut and paste your saved text into your blog or email etc. and have a hard copy as well.
  4. Organization Comes First: As obvious as this may sound, it is extremely important for the blogger on the go to be as organized as possible before departure. Decide what you need to accomplish while you are away and create a schedule or checklist to help complete each task. This is essential to de-stressing your travel time.
  5. Twitter it Up: Since it is not always a piece of cake to upload photos, post updates, and respond to emails while out and about, look to your Twitter account for temporary help. Tweeting live requires only a short surge of connectivity, so set up your tweets to show up on Facebook. Add a prominent Twitter widget to your blog sidebar so readers can get quick updates and viola! You’re back in business!

Helpful hints for wherever your travels may take you.

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