Traveling soon? Get the Google Translate iPhone app

Meet my new favorite app for the iPhone, Google Translate. My dad and I were checking this out on his iPhone 3Gs and we couldn’t get enough of it. The app which was just released for Apple just Tuesday (2/8/11) is sure to make it on your top app list when traveling. The app is offered on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

First of if you haven’t yet, go download the app here. It’s free so don’t fret about having to pay for it. Mainly, what wins me over with this app is the overall precision of the language translation. You have the ability to translate your texts between 57 different languages. Also the fact that we could speak into the app, and then have it translated into 15 different languages was pretty nice too. Being able to hear back the voiced translation is pretty nice too, although it’s only offered in 23 languages.

My dad also figured out that you can enlarge the translated speech on the phone to show people more easily, rather then shoving your device in some strangers face so they don’t have to squint. Sitting there while testing the app, we also found that you can “star” a saying, or sentence that you find yourself having to repeat. Making it easier to just pull up the needed part rather than having to type or say it all again. And don’t worry, once you star them they are available even when you are offline (iPad and iTouch users). Another feature to note for those that have to experience offline periods of time, is that your translation history will still be accessible. Lastly something that I found interesting was the option to spell out translations of “non-latin script languages” in “latin characters” to be able to read it. I know confusing, refer to the picture below to understand what I am saying.

Overall a solid app for those who find themselves in situations of needed translation. I recommended really messing around with this app, because it offers so much bang for no buck!  Thanks Google for yet another AMAZING app.

Spec Info & Image source / Apple

Hands on information / My Dad & I

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