Turn Off Any TV With This $20 Gadget

Remember buying that universal remote, standing outside your neighbor’s living room window and turning his TV off? Back then, remotes like that would cost around $50.00. They were also hard to carry around and hide whenever you wanted to be sneaky about your pranks.

Not only is the TV-B-Gone good for pranks but it can also be good for the family. When the TV is being a distraction and someone is guarding the remote with their life, TV-B-Gone will be there to save the day for some quiet quality family time!

The remote fits on your key chain and it’s about the size of a rabbit’s foot (so it’s easily concealed when you want to turn off the nearest annoying TV). The thing I found most interesting about the TV-B-Gone was how long it took to turn TV’s off. Sometimes, it can take up to sixty nine seconds to turn a single TV off.

The next time you’re in a bar watching a game you don’t care about, take the TV-B-Gone with you. It’s sure to give you a few laughs when you see the confusion on everyone’s face. That’s worth paying every cent of the $20.00 for this!

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