Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Wearable Art. Here’s How:

Guys, you can go ahead and pass on this post—it’s for the ladies. That is, unless you and your bros have been waiting patiently for an app that will allow you to turn your beautifully composed Instagram photos into wearable nail art.

NailSnaps allows you to do just that—create one-of-a-kind nail stickers based on photos you take yourself—with a super cool app that is functional and fun. It’s an interesting concept and a great way to showcase your personal style from the digital world by literally bringing it to your fingertips. Basically, you can take any photo and design your nail stickers to either reflect a design continuously across every nail, or repeat an image on each one individually. Then you order the stickers and they’re printed and shipped to you.

As for the platforms NailSnaps will be available on, they’re planning on starting with iOS but Android will follow shortly after.

Check out the video to learn the details.

You can currently fund this app on KickStarter, but you better hurry. It only has a few days left to meet its goal, which is several thousand dollars out of reach.

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