Tweet About KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese and Get Free Stuff

In a new Twitter based advertising campaign, KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese is giving away loads of free stuff. The idea behind the campaign is based off the childhood game ‘Jinx”. This time though instead of “you owe me a soda”, the reward is free mac and cheese and a t-shirt. Any time that two individuals tweet about macaroni and cheese, they are both given a link, and whoever clicks it first gets the free stuff. Considering most of my friends are eating on a broke college student budget, I have seen quite a few tweets about macaroni and cheese lately.

Surprisingly enough I know more than a few people who have actually received the gift package from KRAFT. The t-shirt is nothing to write home about, but the free boxes of macaroni and cheese definitely got my attention. I have yet to win anything, but I’ll continue to force my girlfriend to post an obscene amount of macaroni related tweets (I don’t have a Twitter account). Still though, I’m holding out hope. Free food is the next best thing to extra long happy-hour for me right now, so wish me luck.

There are a few caveats with the contest though. First off, it seems kind of random when you can actually get the link to receive free stuff. So you may tweet a ton of times about macaroni and cheese and see nothing in return. Another sort of “rule” is that your macaroni related tweets cannot be anything vulgar and offensive. One of my friends wrote an all too informative tweet about ALL of the places he eats macaroni and cheese (believe me some of them were pretty terrifying). He complained to KRAFT about not receiving and free goodies and got an email back from KRAFT saying that they “did not support his comments”. So, tweet away and keep your posts G-rated.

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