TwelveSouth HoverBar is a unique stand – Now you can float your iPad.

Twelve South makes some of my favorite accessories for my iPad.

Their latest is one of the coolest products I’ve seen come out from anybody. The stand allows you to prop up your iPad 2 so that it sits in the perfect viewing spot.

The hover in Hoverbar

The HoverBar is constructed out of flexible steel and you can attach it onto any surface up to 1″ thick, thanks to its clamp mechanism. It can even be tilted, so that the height and position can be adjusted to the right angle.

The coolness factor stems from the floating effect. When you attach it to a surface the strong steel bar allows the iPad to float off of your counter, desk, or up higher off your cupboards at eye level.

A second monitor stand

It can also let you affix your iPad to your Apple Cinema Display or iMac (or probably other monitors as well), and with the proper app installed, you can even use it as an secondary monitor for your Mac or PC.

Using the HoverBar to connect your iPad to a desktop monitor has some great upsides. I often use my iPad to flick through Twitter, play a movie, or TV show, or even just stream Pandora on beside of my computer. If you were doing something more intense like editing a movie or programming an application, it could give you the perfect clutter free desktop experience.

A product like this just feels like it comes from the future or strait out of a Hollywood movie set.

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