TwelveSouth’s Magic Wand (Warning: Not a Harry Potter Wand)

TwelveSouth has recently created a half-tube made of aluminum that will enable you to combine your Magic Trackpad with your Apple Bluetooth keyboard.  They call it the Magic Wand.  This may not sound all that exciting at first, since it is only a tube that helps you have two things in one piece, but when you get a better idea of the functionality of the tube, it seems a lot cooler.  Check it out in this video.

See what I mean?  Very simple but very cool.  It’s a wonder nobody has really come up with something like this before.  It seems like it will be especially useful for people who do a lot of multitasking, like the girl in the commercial who was using the digital drawing pad with her left hand and the mouse track pad with her right.

A very simple piece of equipment that will help to consolidate desk clutter and make your keyboard look a little more stylish.  The uses it has for things like Apple TV looked pretty cool too.  It makes your keyboard and your trackpad in to some sort of large TV remote-control hybrid.

The Magic Wand is now shipping and costs $30.  Is this something you would use or is just a waste of aluminum and $30?

Source: Engadget

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  • Mrjackintosh

    Very cool. But $30 is a little too much.

    • Chris Hore

      Great idea but I agree, $30 is ridiculous for a tube of aluminium.

  • Micheal Smith

    Looks good should be $19.99

  • Daniel Misc

    Is it only for the right handed or can you assemble it the other way as well? Good idea though!