Twitter Buys Android Lockscreen Replacement ‘Cover’


More than two-thirds of all social network use and activity happens on a mobile device. For Twitter specifically, that number is actually a bit higher, at 75%. This helps put into perspective several of their acquisitions over the past few years, including their most recent: Cover. If they can be certain so many of their users are accessing the service from a smartphone or tablet, it stands to reason that they’d want to own as much of that experience as possible.

Enter Cover: a lock-screen replacement app for Android. Cover brings contextual awareness to to the lock screen and displays apps you’re most likely to use at a given day, time, or location. More often than not, you use the same 4-5 apps consistently throughout the day. Cover will pick up on that and display those apps on your lock screen for easy access. It’s actually quite nice.

For the time being, Cover will remain in the Google Play Store as a free app (download link), while the team gets to work under Twitter’s roof and guidance. No word yet on their future plans or what may come, but it’s been pointed out on a few other sites that the acquisition smells of one for talent. Cover’s three employees are joining the Twitter team, and they may play a role in making Twitter more aware of patterns and ways you use your device with the social network. It’s hard to say, really, but in the words of my friend Bob Dylan — the times, they are a-changin’.

[Source: Cover]


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