Twitter Getting Closer To Two-Step Authentication

After yesterday’s hack of Associated Press’s Twitter account, reports are coming to light that Twitter has been working on a two-step authentication process. Right now, it is still in the internal testing phase and no projection date has been set as to when it will be launched. I am sure a bit of urgency has come over Twitter after the fake tweet on AP’s account caused the Dow Jones to plummet over 100 points in just seconds, but recovering quickly.

USA Today describes the system:

The features adds an extra layer of security to Twitter accounts, requiring users to input their password and a special code when logging in from a new device. The code is usually generated at random, and transmitted via text message to a user’s cell phone. Companies such as Google and Facebook already use two-step authentication.

This could finally put an end to authentic Twitter accounts being hacked. At least, not as often as they have been. Now, if Twitter could only develop a way to prevent rogue tweets on companies’ accounts, the corporate Twitterverse could rest a little easier at night.

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