Now You Can Make Your Tweets Self Destruct Like Snapchat

A former Product Marketing Manager at Twitter has left the company and started a “side project” called Twitterspirit. The free service gives you the same basic functionality with Twitter as you have with the wildly popular image-sharing app, Snapchat. With Snapchat, your photos disappear in a pre-set amount of time (10 seconds or less) once the person you’ve shared with starts viewing it. Twitterspirit does this for your tweets.

It’s simple, really. Login to the service with your Twitter credentials and then start adding a hashtag to the end of the tweets you want to automatically be deleted. If you want the tweet to appear for only 15 minutes, add #15m. If you want it to appear for three hours, add #3h. Or if you want it to be visible for longer, let’s say 7 days, add #7d. The service will automatically delete that particular tweet at the interval you set by the hashtag.

While it might sound kind of gimmicky at first, it does have some valid and necessary uses. Think of TV news stations who might tweet serious weather alerts. By using Twitterspirit, they could set an expiration on a tweet that provided a Severe Weather Alert so it isn’t retweeted and spread around after the alert expires. If you think hard enough, you can probably come up with several other examples, too.

You can sign up for Twitterspirit here.


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