Updated Google Voice iOS app Allows You Make Calls Without Hoops

Despite the fact that the voicemail transcription is utter rubbish, Google voice is a service that almost anyone could love. The official iOS app thus far may have lacked the love and care from Google that it’s users deserved.

Welcome to a better Google world iOS

The latest update to the app, however, adds some improvements to the Sprint integration, and adds mass texting.

Google updated the Google Voice iOS app this week, bringing to iOS the same coziness Google Voice and Sprint customers have had on other platforms. Sprint users can elect to have their Google Voice number as their primary number, or port their Sprint-given digits to Voice, which allows users to use one system for everything — until this week that wasn’t available on to Sprint’s iPhone users.

Now, you can use the app to call out and be connected without going through the typical voice hoops. This can be meaningful to those of us who have needed to make a quick call in the past and had to deal with a bunch of forwarding, dialing, answering, and other such nonsense.

It’s amazing how behind Google can be sometimes

One of the other features that comes silly-late, is the ability to send text messages to multiple people. For all the features Google Voice has, they’ve been really slow to bring around MMS and solid multi-recipient texts.

It’s a solid update, one any Google Voice user can appreciate. Sprint users should be especially happy.

Image Source: The Verge

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