Use CardMunch To Ditch Traditional Business Cards

LinkedIn has announced what may be the best way yet to get rid of traditional paper business cards. While its not an alternative to the business card per se, you won’t have to save a big pile of business cards or enter the information manually ever again. It’s called CardMunch. It is a free iPhone app and is actually very intuitive and easy to use. It works by capturing an image of the business, then it recognizes the text as saves the information to your phone as a contact. It also connects you to the person’s LinkedIn profile. And it does this all automatically.

There have been many solutions and apps that tout themselves as the anti-business card. After all, in this digital age why should we have to keep using something so archaic as paper? But this is different. This app from LinkedIn recognizes the fact that business cards are still an every day fact of life in the business world. Even in the tech world, people use them. Much to their dismay, of course. In fact, more than 10 billion business cards are printed annually. So finally, someone came up with a better way for you to catalogue and keep track of all these contacts.

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