Use Your Smartphone to Find Lost Keys

Cobra Electronics unveiled an app at CES 2012 that will help you find your lost stuff. The Cobra Tag G5 uses a combination of key fob-like physical tags and an iPhone app to help you keep track of things like car keys or your wallet. The app uses a combination  of GPS and Smart Bluetooth to locate your tagged items, so you can locate them down to the precise location. This ought to come in handy for you if you’ve ever left your keys in, say, the freezer. The GPS would tell you that it’s approximately at the location of your home, then the Bluetooth would help you find the exact location. You can even set the app to notify you if you leave behind a tagged item. So not only can it help you find your lost stuff, it can prevent you from losing them in the first place. You can buy the G5 tags for $59.95 later this year.

Here are some ideas of how you could this cool app:

1. Obviously, tagging your keys would be a given. This will probably be the most common application of this technology

2. Tag your wallet, in case it ever falls out of your coat pocket in a dark movie theater, or if you get pick-pocketed during your vacation to New York.

3. Tag your small, easily misplaced electronics or gadgets, like your iPod.

4. Tag your car (you could leave it in the glovebox) in case you forget where you parked. Seinfeld could have used this instead of wasting an entire episode wandering around a parking garage.

5. Tag your pet’s collar if it’s the type that frequently jumps the fence and gets out of the yard.

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