Rumor: Now Verizon And AT&T Are Blacking Out Vacation Days For The iPhone Launch

Yesterday, I brought you news that T-Mobile has blacked out employee vacation days from September 20th thru 22nd. We assume, given historical context, it’s the for the launch of the next iPhone, presumably dubbed the iPhone 5S. Now, we’ve seen reports that AT&T and Verizon have followed suit.

AT&T has blacked out vacation days for its employees for “the second half of September”, and isn’t planning any other high-profile device launches in that time. That would suggest we might see the long-rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3 be released prior to that.

Verizon has also blacked out employee vacation time for the period between Wednesday, September 18th and Sunday, September 22nd. That would ensure enough time (2 days) for the employees to be trained on the new iPhone as well as iOS 7, which we’re expecting will launch to the public around the same time. Reports also suggest the higher capacity current iPhone 5′s are also in short supply, which would indicate making room in inventory for the new units, which will be the hot sellers.

Now that three of the four major U.S. carriers have vacation blackouts for their employees, which we’ve seen done every year leading up to a new iPhone’s launch, it’s everything but official. If you’re the kind of person who camps out at an Apple store the night before, I’d be putting in a vacation request for Friday the 20th if I were you.

[Via 9to5Mac / BGR]


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