Verizon will throw it’s weight in to help Windows Phone

I’ve made enough of a fuss about the fact that Verizon reps push Android phones. Now it’s time to talk about Verizon’s upcoming push for Windows phone.

Weightier players

Windows Phone handsets have struggled. They haven’t had nearly the sales that Microsoft was hoping for, even with Nokia backing the operating system full force.

It seems that things might be changing because during Verizon’s first-quarter earnings call the CFO expressed desire to do the same thing to Windows Phone that Verizon had done with Android. For those of you following along at home, he meant that as a good thing.

“It is important that there is a third ecosystem brought into the mix here,” Shammo said. “We are fully supportive of that with Microsoft. … We helped create the Android platform from the beginning and it is an incredible platform today, and we are looking to do the same thing with a third ecosystem.”

Verizon can certainly throw some weight around and make it happen.

Only one Windows Phone?

It doesn’t seem like Verizon has been rooting for Windows Phone up till now. They only have one Windows Phone available for purchase to date: the HTC Trophy.

Verizon is going to need a better portfolio of Windows Phone handsets if it wants to make a splash. The single old device isn’t going to help them wow customers, and make sales. I’d bet they’ll be bringing on the Nokia Lumia, as well as other newer 4G LTE enabled devices.

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