Vibrating Smartbracelet Makes Sure You Never Miss A Call Or Text — And Makes Sure You Never Forget Your Smartphone

The Vybe smartbracelet exists for two main purposes. First, it wants to make sure you never miss a call or text. Whenever there’s an incoming call or text, the bracelet vibrates to let the wearer know he or she needs to check their smartphone. Second, Vybe ensures you’ll never forget to grab your phone when you leave home, work, or anywhere. If the user’s smartphone is out of range of the bracelet, it will alert the wearer with a vibration.

You can preorder Vybe for $39. The makers expect to deliver Winter 2013/2014.


  • Chrome262

    If it told the time, this would be great. Don’t really need an activity monitor, or a smart watch, this would be perfect

  • Mike

    According to the website, it uses Mini USB, not Micro USB to charge. Wonder why they made that design choice.

  • Kenan Bell

    Couldnt agree more, if it told time AND did all this other stuff, perfection! I do not need a phone watch or a activity monitor, a watch that also alerts me the way this does is perfect. Same design, just add LED time and I’m sold.

  • Mike

    I contacted the Maker, they messed up on the website, it is Micro.

  • Avery Massenburg

    This is what every smart watch should have. I would definitely buy this if Apple or Google doesn’t announce theirs soon, or if neither of them have that feature.

  • Rob N

    The fact that it is not a watch too is probably why I would never get it. If it were a watch or even a watch band that I could connect to an existing watch, it would be far more useful than just a band on my wrist.

  • Tom Canuck

    Great idea, kinda. I agree with the others, I need this to be a watch. I’m not going to wear my watch AND this.

  • Joshua Bauer

    its called the pebble. watch that vibrates and allows you to read messages all on your wrist

    • singular

      Pebble is awesome, been wearing mine since mid-summer.

    • Alice

      the pebble is 150 and it’s kind of ugly

  • Jack

    Fit Bit has a watch that does this stuff with a watch and tracts your activity and sleep.

    • Kenshin

      Hopefully the Fitbit force will come out this month supporting the calls
      and text notification for both IOS and Android. Fitbit force would
      probably be the best solution so far for the slim form factor without
      the chunkiness of a watch.

  • Gilliansage

    I’m a vendor. I get calls from my boss or other people and cannot hear it over the pa system or the loud music each store plays. I have my phone up as loud as it goes and on vibrate but still miss calls. Don’t need a watch, I have one. This’ll be perfect.

  • Nikia AsahniiRuff

    Would def be awesome if it were a watch as well

  • ThaReaper2b

    Yep just what I need! I love owning a phone for the sole purpose of making myself available for whomever wants me on their time! I can see it as a good way to not lose my phone so kudos on that!

  • Crk

    Google tap tap. Same concept. More features.

  • omar

    For $20 maybe because don’t shows time !!!

  • omar

    For $20 maybe because don’t shows time !!!

  • T Edward Fox

    Right technology but a missed opportunity on the use. Add small fobs to put in your luggage or suitcase (or inside a child’s shirt) so if you set it down and it “walks” or you forget to pick it up and it reminds you. I’d pay the $39 for that plus up to $5 for each fob.



  • Cody J Wood

    Love It, Want it!!!!!!

  • GURUmicro

    I think it’s meant to be more like “smart” jewelry than a time piece replacement. Maybe it’s just me, but I quit wearing a watch once cellphones started acting as mine years ago! That being said, $40 is a bit steep for a Bluetooth capable bracelet!

  • Sold!!!!

    If Cory j wood (below) wants it as bad as it seems I am I’m too, sold.

  • Becky

    Is it waterproof? cause one thing is to forget its on when you stick your hand in water doing dishes

    • Zachary Arain

      No, it is sadly not


      According to the website: “Yes, Vybe is water resistant and can safely be showered with. A water
      resistant plastic piece plugs the charging hole while you wear it.”

  • Dac

    3 suggestions: yes a nice idea that could do better, 1, as stated below, add a small led clock function, 2. you could also add medical tags to the braclet for those that need them, 3. customize the distance, 50 feet is too far, i would rather have only 5 or 10 feet.

    • Suze

      Have to disagree. Don’t care about the watch, and need 50 feet so I don’t have to carry my phone from one end of the house to the other all the time. I miss a lot of calls because my phone is in one area, and I’m in another.
      Love the idea of medical charms because I wear a medical alert bracelet. If the band is replaceable, then I’ll use my Italian charm medical alert bracelet as the band.

  • Kris Willison

    Interesting idea, however I gave up on wearing anything on my wrists years ago as a matter of comfort. Got a medical alert tattoo because I could not stand wearing a bracelet. If small enough & lightweight enough, might consider purchasing.

  • Santo

    Simple and stylish, I love it. Not only did the
    advertisement video show real life scenarios that I was able to relate to, it
    also got me thinking of other situations where it could be of use to myself.
    Also, the maker was very prompt with responding to my e-mail.

  • Alice

    not bad for 39. I don’t need another watch. Bought one in green.

  • Great idea

    I have to chime in on this. First of all, great product. There are some things that would make me buy it:
    1. Medical alert
    2. Watch or no watch option (I have a nice watch and don’t want to look OCD)
    3. Band design (Maybe men can dress up the black one, but this is more challenging for women). As they currently come, I couldn’t wear it to work.

  • Decoy

    Does this fit (work) around an ankle? That would solve the “ugly” problem, the “watch” problem and/or the “wrist-clutter” problem. I can feel a vibe on my ankle as well as on my wrist.

  • Anne

    Nice idea, rather ugly. I might wear it on my ankle, under socks. A bit pricey.

  • Schmoikel

    Better kep your phone charger handy, too, With this device constantly “talking” to your phone by Bluetooth, the phone’s battery will wear down quickly.

  • Jason

    It is $39.00. Adding all of these items yall are suggesting would increase the price. There are already watched that vibrate and ring, etc. They are WAY more than this. I would/will get one of these because I cannot feel my phone vibrate or for when it is not on me (at my office.). If it works as they indicate it does, it is a good product for those who don’t want to pay the expense for the phone watches that already exist.

  • Tia Layne

    I’m loving the idea…..I hate missing calls and sometimes do leave my phone. I’m sold

  • smadau

    I’m deaf, could use a vibrating alarm (yes I have a Casio vib watch for about the same price) but don’t want to wake up every time someone texts me from the UK in the middle of the night.

  • Tarek

    Simplify your life. Too many gadgets. I stopped wearing a watch because my iPhone has a reliable clock. I stopped carrying a wallet and have a minimal one attached to phone. I wear a FitBit. But once I update my phone to 5s, I think I can give that up too.

  • Brian

    When it runs out of battery, it neither tells you you’ve lost your phone or that you’ve got a call. Yet another thing remember to charge and wear. And what’s going to remind you that you’ve lost the bracelet? As with most vibrating BT devices, I’d assume the battery life is not that great. OTOH, if it were solar powered and/or a watch, then it might be more interesting.

  • Gordon S Velup

    @ the end of the commercial the guy illegally used the phone while driving

    • SpectreGadget

      Maybe where you live, but not everywhere

  • Ozzy’s MeeMom

    The hearing in my one ear is not that great due to several ear infections over time. I set the alarm clock and my smart phone alarm so I can wake up in the morning. This would be super awesome if it vibrated when the alarm goes off. Wouldn’t matter if I was laying on my “good ear.” The alarm would still wake me up

  • Goutes

    If this thing would show the time and is waterproof, I’m in.

  • chris

    there’s no # to call