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It’s the start of a new year and resolutions are fresh in our minds and for at least the next two weeks we will be dedicated to them. Number one on that resolution list for most is to lose a few pounds, something that is on the list year after year. This year though, the way in which you lose those couple pounds could be drastically different. Rather than hitting the gym to work up that sweat, try something different this year, buy a video game. That’s right, the once evil, laziness inducing form of technology is now a way for people to get off their butts, rather than sitting on them. Both the xbox 360 with kinect and the wii have a plethora of new “games” that help players meet their fitness goals.

With the new kinect attachment for xbox 360, Microsoft is catching up in the interactive gamer market. The system offers several different games whose goal is to help shed those holiday pounds.  EA Sports Active 2, a game that provides over 70 exercises and customizable workout routines, the popular series “biggest loser” has its own workout challenge, and there is even a Zumba Fitness game, modeled after the popular dance aerobics workout.

The Nintendo Wii also boasts an impressive array of workout themed games. They continue to offer the popular Wii Fit package, but a wealth of other games have emerged as well. Golds gym has a cardio themed workout game, Jillian Michaels from the biggest loser has her Fitness Ultimatum, and Active Life Outdoor Challenge provides a fun and interactive way to help kids stay active.

So, as you look to work towards shedding those few extra pounds for your new year’s resolution, the gym isn’t the only place you have to go. Instead, try one of these new and entertaining games as a way to lose weight. These new innovations in video games provide a way for both young and old “gamers” to get their exercise in a fun new format.

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  • Brandee

    I still love bowling on the wii. It kill my thighs like a great workout should.