VinePeek: Watch Vine Videos From Perfect Strangers

Yesterday, we told you all about the new video sharing app, Vine. But here’s something we just found today: there’s already a website that takes videos straight from the public feed and lets you watch complete strangers, 6 seconds at a time. If you’ve made and shared videos with Vine already, yours has probably appeared here. It’s a completely public, unfiltered, unmoderated feed, so you never know what you’ll see (you’ve been warned!).

This isn’t the first website to show public data from individual users. When Foursquare was first taking off, a site called surfaced, posting your Foursquare check-ins for the world to see. Why? Because if you were out and about and checking in, you weren’t at home. Clearly, the intention of the site wasn’t to help criminals steal your things, but instead, to raise awareness about over-sharing in our ever-connected, hyper-mobile/social world.

What do you think about sites like this that aggregate publicly shared content for the world to see? Let me know on Twitter: @mbchp.


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