Vintage Apple Logo Accessories

Back in the day Apple’s logo used to be a technicolor, rainbow-hued apple with a bite out of it. Despite Apple’s change to its current, more simplistic apple, many people still prefer the classic version of the company emblem. Here is a list of 7 fun accessories inspired by the rainbow logo.

Vintage Apple Logo Mug

Now you can sip on your morning coffee at the office in style,with this classic Macintosh mug. Cost: $39.95

Mac Fan Apple Earrings

These earrings claim to be “rescued” from an old Mac, creating unique geeky jewelry for die heart fans.Cost $23.99

Apple Logo Original Vintage Cufflinks

Spice up your dress shirt with this pair of rainbow logo cufflinks by FrenchCuffed, they are a sure fire conversation starter! Cost: $14.95

Apple Logo iPhone Sticker

This decal features the classic “Think Different” slogan and adds a vintage touch to any iPhone. Cost: $9.99

Black Vintage Mouse Pad

Despite the fact this mouse pad will pre-date your Magic Mouse, its vintage design makes for a great piece to add to any office collection. Cost: $15.95

Vintage Apple Logo Stickers

The Missing Bite offers a small range of vintage Apple logo stickers and decals. As well as individual stickers, you can buy a four-pack to split with your fellow Mac fan friends. Cost: $9.95

Classic Apple Logo Case

This case by TechStitch is suitable for the iPhone 4 and 4S and features a striking cross-stitched Apple logo on the back. Cost: $35

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