Wake Up On Time With Sleep as Android

Did you wake up to your obnoxious alarm today feeling less than rested? Do you feel like your sleep is being interrupted every morning? Sleep as Android is the perfect application for you. This application will help you set an alarm and it will learn how you sleep, then wake you up with an alarm depending on the sleep pattern that you have that night.

Easy to do right? Let me explain.

We all have different sleep patterns when we sleep. At certain times during the night we go from a deep sleep to slightly waking up and moving around and then we go back to sleep. As shown in the graph above each peak is when I was moving around in my sleep or made a noise. During the set up of the app you choose the latests time that you want to wake up and then how many minutes you are willing to wake up before then. It starts out at 30 minutes before.

You then turn on the sleep tracker and you place the phone next to you as you sleep. As it learns your sleep pattern throughout the night it will then sound the alarm during your next pattern interval you have previously designated. This makes is so when you are woken up it is not during a deep sleep part of the night. There is also a CAPTCHA mode that makes you do certain things to force you to turn off the alarm. You can choose to shake the phone to turn off the alarm or do a math equation. Hopefully you can do math early in the morning or the alarm might be going off for awhile.

After using it a few nights I would say it works pretty good. I like that there are options to record sounds during your sleep so it can pick up if you are snoring or anything you say if you sleep talk. There are also a few add-on apps such as SleepStats and Sleep Backup that help you understand more about your sleep pattern and keep all the data backed up in the cloud.

The trial version lets you use the app for 15 days and then it costs $1.99 to unlock it to the full version.

Get the trial version in the Android Market.

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