Do These 8 New Wallpapers from OS X Mavericks Hint At A Retina Display iMac?

Earlier this week, Apple pushed out the 7th beta of OS X Mavericks (10.9) to developers. Included in this release are eight new high resolution desktop background images. Each image is 5120 x 2880, which is exactly double the current resolution of the 27-inch iMac and external 27-inch Thunderbolt Display (both are 2560 x 1440).

This is notable because each time Apple develops a Retina display version of an existing product, the total pixel count increase is exactly double in each of the horizontal and vertical axes. In this case, 2560 pixels wide becomes 5120 pixels wide. 1440 pixels tall becomes  2880 pixels tall. This would give a theoretical 27-inch Retina iMac or Thunderbolt Display a whopping 14.74 million total pixels, which is — you guessed it — exactly 4 times the amount found in the current models. It also matches perfectly with the dimensions of the new desktop background images found in OS X 10.9 Mavericks beta 7, which you can view and download below. (If they take longer than usual to load, well, you know why.)










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