Wanna Disappear on Twitter? Erase Your History With Tweeticide

So you’ve had a Twitter account for awhile now, and you’ve probably said some stupid things. That’s OK, Tweeticide to the rescue! Tweeticide is a simple app with one purpose – to delete every last one of your tweets. So now your Mom who just joined Twitter can’t find all of your potty-tweets, and your potential employer can’t see that you hated your last boss.

Don’t worry, your account stays intact. So you don’t have to worry about giving up your precious username either.

Be aware that while Tweeticide does delete all of your tweets swiftly, they will remain in the Google Cache for a couple of weeks. So don’t count on this covering every dumb tweet if you’re interviewing for a job tomorrow.

Also, be aware that Twitter made a deal with the US Library of Congress that any tweets that aren’t deleted within 23 weeks of the original post date are sent to Uncle Sam for eternal archiving in the Library of Congress. Individual tweets can be skipped from being sent to the giant archive by using the #noloc hashtag in your message.

Source: iMore

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