Warner Brothers Movie Rentals on Facebook

I am not sure if I like the idea of this concept or not. Warner Brothers is launching a program where you can “rent” their movies on Facebook. The service costs $3 per movie, and allows you to watch the movie for up to 48 hours via your Facebook account. As an alternative to paying the $3 to rent the movie, you can use 30 Facebook credits to purchase the rental. That is intriguing as I recently discovered I had 50 Facebook credits for absolutely no reason. I am all for free movies, but in reality I find it hard to believe that such a service is going to be all that heavily used.

First of all, the only movie currently available to rent is “Dark Night”. More selections will be added shortly, so that may be a moot point. My concern is that with all of the other online movie sites, Facebook won’t be able to find a foothold. For $3 for one movie you are paying a steep price compared to NetFlix where unlimited online movies cost about $10. Additionally, for a quick night movie fix RedBox dollar rentals are usually the preferred option. With Blockbuster and other video companies moving more into the online scene I think this may be too little too late for WB.

I do understand the principles behind it. Facebook needs a way to make their credits actually worth something. As of now they are about as useful as a hole in your shoe. For Warner Brothers, it opens an enormous market for movie rentals. Realistically though I do not see this catching on. I for one would never pay $3 to watch a movie via Facebook. Maybe it is just me though, what are your thoughts on being able to rent movies from Facebook?

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