What Android can learn from iCloud backups

I have used and owned many different gadgets over the years. Recently, many companies are boasting their ability to sync with online data services (the cloud) and connect and backup your information effortlessly so that you don’t need to worry about. Currently I own a Android phone and have been using an iPad. Here is my experience in backup up and restoring my information on each.

Android Backup

When you first sign in to your Android phone or device you are asked if you want to use you Google account to backup your settings. This will backup up certain thinks like your wireless network settings as well as bookmarks (depending on the device). When you download and purchase an app, song, or book from Google those are all recorded on your account. All your app data is not recorded and if your phone was destroyed you would lose your high scores on games or any information that you personally did not have backed up to an account or SD card. I have used a few apps that allow you to save app data but you need to be rooted and they may not work on a new device when you change phones. I use service like Google+ and Dropbox that automatically backup my photos and videos to the cloud so I never need to worry about them.

iOS Backup

When setting up my iPad I choose to use iCloud and bucked up all my data through Apple’s services. I then had it backup all settings and app data. The actual apps are just recorded through my Apple ID and I choose not to backup up my pictures on iCloud because I am sticking with the free 5GB of storage. I needed to get my iPad replaced and I wiped all the data without worrying about plugging it into iTunes. When I received the new iPad I simply had to put it my Apple ID and say that I wanted to restore my most recent backup from iCloud. It then proceeded to download all of my data. Once that process had finished it then told me it was going to download all of my applications. After this the iPad was then in the exact state it was before I got it replaced. The wallpaper, folders, data, settings, and even open tabs in Safari were all there. I was very impressed with how it all worked.

Many of the applications that I use do require login information and most of my information is kept on the cloud so those are never a problem. Backup up contacts, calender, and emails are not problem on either device. Recently Google has made big improvements in with the Play Store and now with Google Drive there might be an option to save certain data directly to your account and so that it will be there if something happens to you device. As everyone is putting focus on cloud storage I am sure we will be seeing more of this to come in the near future.

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