What did YOU accomplish at 14 years old?!

When something happens in my own backyard (well, not literally) you can’t help but want to pass it one. A 14 year old from my home state of Utah has broken the seemingly impossible barrier of beating Angry Birds in the free app list on iTunes. Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah created the highly addictive game, “Bubble Ball” which has risen to the top with at least 2 million downloads in two weeks.

The idea behind the game is to utilize the various pieces of wood and metal given to guide the “bubble ball” to the checkered flag. Sounds simple, but as with most iPhone strategy games, the difficulty curve quickly sharpens as you complete each level with having to problem solve and utilize the game’s gravity laws.

Robert, like the vast majority of 14 year olds, enjoyed playing games on his iPod Touch, but took a different direction to actually attempt creating a game at the suggestion of his friends. Already having some experience with web design and computers in general, Robert used Ansca Mobile’s Corona SDK (software developer’s kit) to aid him in the not-for-the-faint-of-heart task of app programming.  Ansca Mobile took note of the amazing feat and posted it as their app of the week January 9th. Popularity obviously ensued.

Nay isn’t done yet though, the young programmer is already planning his second game which he is keeping secret and plans to charge for. It’s probably a fair guess that this will help a little in his future tuition costs. Keep up the great work Robert.

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Image Source: www.Engadget.com

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