What do the Amazon Kindle Fire SKUs at Staples tell us?

So, the online community is abuzz about the Reuters report. The article claims that there will be “five or six” new Kindle Fire models. Where did they pick up this claim? From president of U.S. Retail for Staples, Demos Parneros.

The Reuters reporters and Parneros may indeed be very intelligent and understand what I’m about to point out: all new SKUs for Kindle Fire’s are not Kindle Fire’s with different dimensions.

Misleading Data

It’s entirely plausible that Amazon is going to stick with the 7“ form factor. But, with 6 new SKUs one of them has to be 10” right? Nope.

Apple only has one size, and has quite a few more SKUs than 6. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, LTE Verizon, 4G AT&T, Wi-Fi only, all available in black or white. That’s 18 different models to choose from. Every one of them a 10″ tablet.

If Amazon only had added 3G, they could have a few storage options, and then 3G/Wi-Fi and there you have six SKUs

Adding a size

So how many SKUs would Apple have for iPads if it added an 8″ device? A number likely closer to 24 or 30? Probably. So then, do the 6 SKUs for the Fire tell us there will be another size? No.

The rumor mill has be churning the 10″ Kindle Fire rumor for a while now. This SKU numbers article is a data point trying to fit a rumor, not a rumor coming from a data point.

It may be a good idea for Amazon to put a 10“ Kindle Fire into the market. Based on their 7” Kindle Fire, they may not have the software capabilities.

Source: Reuters

Image Source: The Digital Reader

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