What Does The “C” In iPhone 5c Stand For?


Apple showed the world the iPhone 5c, which is almost exactly the same on the inside as last year’s iPhone 5, but completely different on the outside. Instead of a metal frame, machined from aluminum, it’s crafted from a high strength plastic called polycarbonate. Since it’s essentially last year’s tech wrapped in a new package, many were suspecting it’d be a cheaper model, aimed at developing markets around the world and prepaid markets here in the U.S. All these suspicions are now true.

The “C” in iPhone 5c stands for Colorful, according to Apple. Although it IS the less-expensive model and “cheap” would also be fitting.

The iPhone 5c comes in blue, yellow, green, pink, and white and will be available for pre-order Friday, September 13th. It will also generally available for purchase at Apple Stores and carrier stores nationwide Friday, September 20th. The 16 GB model will sell for $99 and the 32 GB model will sell for $199, with a two-year contract.

Here’s a look at some of the iPhone 5c cases by ZAGG:


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  • JeremysGames

    iPhone 5(C)heap or iPhone 5C(olor)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=659369203 Nathen Markus

      one must rethink their definition of Cheap then. Nothing Apple makes is cheap(ly priced). Expensive Chinese made goods. But HEY! they are designed in the US so that makes it Ok right?

      • blow me

        hmmmm Android for 199 at 16Gig or iPhone5C for 199 as 32gig… Maybe you should learn what “Cheap” is kind sir

        • hyun

          androids have micro SD slots that allows you to add more memory space. (up to 64GB i believe)

          • LQnumber12

            yeah but those SD cards aren’t “cheap” either.

          • Jeroen

            Except that they are.

          • Adam Markon

            Fun fact: Apple actually makes less profit per phone than any other smartphone company. You may not like the high prices, but the high prices are because they use higher quality materials. Also the average price of Android phones is now set to eclipse the average price of an iPhone.

          • Guest

            I’d love to just believe everything I see on the Internet, but where are your sources ? =0)

          • Jeroen

            Without sources that’s actually pretty hard to believe. Also, without specifying which ‘average price of Android phones’ you mean, it’s impossible that they may ever ‘eclipse’ the average price of an iPhone considering iPhones are only high-end devices and there are many popular lower-end Android phones.

          • Brian

            I have a very difficult time believing there is not significant profit margin coming from the exorbitant price increases when upgrading to a model with more storage. I would agree that aluminum bodies compared to Samsung’s plastics is more costly. That said, with a case on, who notices that? And as for quality, I have an ultra-thin case on my Samsung Galaxy S3, yet the phone has easily withstood the pounding it gets from my eager little kids, not to mention hiking & camping trips, dust, extreme heat, kayaking, pool visits, etc. without any sign of wear & tear.

          • Wonsang Lee

            you can get class10 64gig ones for around 60 bucks. Since 32gig to 64gig upgrade(32gig plus) would cost you around $120 on iphones, it’s a good thing to consider.

  • Dave

    iPhone 5Crap! It is not cheap at all! Maybe 5 Colours?

    • Mat Messier

      not cheap at all ? considering the i phone 5 was retailing at almost 799$ and about 299 with a 3 year term, your getting practically the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

      • Aaron

        No…. the retail price of the newest model iPhone has almost always been $650.

        • rupz

          Its. Stands. For. IPhone. 5crap

      • Randy

        The 5 was 650 for 16GB. I know, I bought it unlocked. The 5C is 550 out of contract. Hardly cheap for obsolete technology.

  • Jeff

    People, people! You are comparing apple and oranges here. Apple is about quality and an exprience. I love apple and have had an iphone for 5 years now. I will never switch to Android. My experiences with their phones and OS is top notch.

  • Chrome262

    There is the updated chipset in there that lets you use the 5C virtually anywhere in the world. That right there, is worth it if you have the earlier 5 models. Now you can switch to almost any carrier.

  • Jony

    She is cute too, anybody know who she is?

  • IMTrouble

    I have all of the other Apple devices, Shuffle, Touch, iPad,but I would never switch over from my Droid (Gal S3)… It has proven to be my best phone ever, and I was able to expand the storage to just shy of 100gbs. I have a Galaxy Tab2 and love it as well.
    IPhones are nice, but, honestly, seriously at least 80% of people I have seen with and iPhone have a cracked screen, or have just had their screen replaced….one tap and those screens are toast!!

  • Allan Richardson

    I am not an iPhone customer, although my son is (and he works in an Apple-oriented tech support job), and my wife and I have an iPad. But I am happy for the customers of the new iPhone 5C, for another reason. There was a news story recently about a flight attendant who was electrocuted by picking up a charging iPhone to use it without disconnecting the charger. This could be caused by a combination of a defective charger (the story did not indicate whether it was an Apple charger or an aftermarket brand), a defect in the wiring of the iPhone, AND a metal surface by which to pick it up.

    So Apple seems to have made their phones SAFER now. In addition to polycarbonate being cheaper than aluminum (you can see I’m not British, guv’nor), and easier to produce in colors, it is also nonconductive. If I owned one of these phones, I would be more than happy to give up the nice, high tech aluminum look in order to be safer.

    PS: not a paid advertisement, but ANY metal case phone would be safer to use while charging if it is wearing a shock-resistant plastic/rubber cover, and this IS the ZAGG site.

  • Randy

    The 5 C is anything but cheap. For the specs and phone, it should only be 299 out of contract, 329 for 32gb, and 379 for 64gb.