What does the “S” in iPhone 4S stand for?

I would like to start off by saying when the iPhone 4S was announced there was not any mention to why they added S on the end. The only reason we can speculate why an S is because of when Apple announced the iPhone 3GS. At that time they referred to the S for speed. The iPhone 3G had a 412 MHz processor and 128 MB DRAM and iPhone 3GS had a 600 MHz processor with 256 MB DRAM. This clearly shows the iPhone 3GS has much more processing power.

Speed: The iPhone 4S also received a boost in speed. It went from the A4 processor at 1GHz to the A5 dual-core 1GHz processor. The DRAM stayed the same form the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S at 512. While this may be the reason that they added a S on the end I think that it could also be many other things.

Sprint: It is a big thing for the iPhone 4S to now be one Sprint. As announced in a Sprint meeting a few days after the iPhone announcement Sprint’s Dan Hesse stated that the #1 reason costumers leave Sprint is to get the iPhone. During the first day of sales Sprint announce half way through the day that the iPhone 4S was the best selling product on launch day in history.

Stunning: The iPhone 4S comes with a new camera. From what I have seen the pictures and videos look fantastic. With the increased amount of sensors it allows much more light to shine through.

Siri: She is doing her best to help you take control of your life. I was going to say she is your time saver, but if you have been on Twitter at all this week your have seen the screenshots that everyone is taking of what they have asked Siri and her response. I just saw a list of 90 things that you should ask Siri to receive a funny response.

Space: With a higher quality camera this very important to have so that you don’t fill up the entire space and your phone before you have the chance to put it on you computer.

Stocks: This week prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S Apple’s stock took the top spot as the most valuable public company in the world.

Sales: Not only did Sprint see great sales and preorders for the new phone other carriers did as well.

Same Design: If you are looking for a new design, the iPhone 4S is not it. Same design just different specs.

What do you think S stands for?

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  • Truth

    I think the “4s” means: “for Steve” since Steve Jobs the co-founder and CEO of Apple died in the same month (actually 9 days) before it was released.

  • Nate

    It stands for Siri

  • Lam

    I think S stands for Slight Changes since the design is the same but Siri is added and other awsome stuff.

  • Justin

    iPhone 4 Successor

  • JB3783

    It stands for speed. Anyone know of the Apple IIGs? It stood for graphics & sound. Plain and simple, all of the S Models are performance boosts.

  • papi chulo

    the s stands for “Steve” like steve jobs the creator

  • Anne

    It’s stands for Siri or speed

  • BriceyB

    I think it stands for Second Edition.

  • derrick

    it stands for super

  • anon

    stands for steve
    as in steve jobs

  • tom

    it stands for stupid.. becasuse its excatly the same

  • Apple FanBoy

    Is Expensive Piece of Crap Too many letters? Theres an S in there. Or it means Stupid. As in: You have to be stupid to spend that much money, again. Stupid.

  • colton cromer

    i think it stands for siri

  • jessie

    it means 4 steve because steve job died

  • Random

    It can’t stand for Siri, all the iPhones above the iPhone 4S has Siri and will hopefully continue with Siri. The reason why I think it doesn’t stand for Siri is because the iPhone 5 has Siri. But it doesn’t have the S . The new iPhone 5c has Siri and doesn’t have the S. It may stand for Second Edition,

  • ggg

    iphone4steve jobs

  • JesseL

    I think S means Steve because of Steve Jobs