What Does Your Snapchat Score Mean?

Snapchat is a relatively simple app, you take a picture and you send it—not much to it. Or is there?

If you’ve ever looked on your friends list, there’s a “HISCORE” displayed for each user. What is the mystical meaning behind these numbers?

Snapchat’s official website says that the score is a total number of Snapchats sent and received between friends.

Was it really that simple? I wanted to put these claims to the test. First, the lazy way. I Googled it, of course. There was a popular theory going around saying that each Snapchat is worth 12 points, and if you send three Snapchats in a row to the same person, the continuing pictures are 20 points each. A total with combos bonus points— much more complex than Snapchat’s official answer, but it appeared to be consensus on forums and answer sites.

So I took matters into my own hands. I sent a series of Snapchats back and forth between myself and fellow blogger Drew. I checked our updated “HISCORES” using snapchat.me/yourusernamehere (you can also check by clicking the users name on your friends list). After carefully tracking our totals I have come to this conclusion:

You get one point for sending a Snapchat. You get one point for recieving a Snapchat. Those point amounts do not change regardless of how many snaps you send or who you send them to. And if you send a Snapchat to more than one recipient, you still only get one point.

So there you have it, it really is just the total. My “HISCORE” is embarassingly high, what’s yours?


  • Joe

    Do snapchat messages get u points?

  • lynseyanya .

    That does not make sense. I added all the snaps I received and all the snaps I sent and I got a number about 200 smaller than my score. There must be something more to this. hmm.
    That would be cool is you got a few extra points if you are someone’s best friend, or something. You know?

  • jose

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  • Renee


  • ChinitaLokaa .

    Why my snapchat scores 4 and i never use it? Dont even have any contact…. -.-

  • Amy

    Do you get any points for chats or do those not count toward your score or best friends score?

  • Melissa Silver

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  • Michael

    I need new friends add me girls and guys @xxmichael. 96

  • charliebrook97

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  • Lily Raymond

    Mine is 30,719 but k don’t think I could ever send that many snapchats how is that possible and how is your theory true

  • Ethan Wolfe

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    Taking/Receiving anything just to get points..

  • Mary Lea Miller

    Do you get pints for a friend request?

  • Big Boi

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  • observator

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  • Carlos Chinesta Sevilla

    Is stupid if you can not get anything exchanging the points for offers or discounts in shopping for example. Just a number, is irrelevant maybe to compare with another but this is really bullshit.

  • coolk2222

    but there are two different numbers on the top?