What Facebook’s Shared Photo Albums Mean For You

You’re at the lake with your family. Each member of the family is snapping photos with their respective smartphone. Grandma takes a picture of the toddler eating watermelon. Aunt Jane snaps a pic of Uncle Joe throwing the football. Grandpa uses his phone to capture two cousins racing. There’s a lot of photos spread out across the various devices. So how do you get them all in one place?

Do you email them all to Aunt Jane so she can combine them together and upload to Photobucket? Will each member of the family upload the photos to their own Facebook album? If each member of the family has an iPhone, the photos can be shared through Photo Stream. While all these ideas could work, they’re each fairly complicated and require several steps.

Facebook is testing a new feature (Shared Photo Albums?) that will allow Aunt Jane, Uncle Joe, Grandma, Grandpa, and up to 50 Facebook users to simply upload photos from their smartphones directly to the same Facebook Photo Album.

Currently, uploading photos to Facebook is a fairly simple process. If Facebook is able to bring the same simplicity to group photo albums, a lot of pain will be taken out of the photo sharing process.