Thought about building your own Mac? Check out this Hackintosh project

The baseline Mac Pro desktop starts at a pricey $2,500 bucks. Since Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro line for some time now, it’s actually somewhat outdated, from a hardware standpoint. We’ve heard rumors that they’ll be updating the Mac Pro lineup this year, but if you just can’t wait, or if you’re the DIY type, a Hackintosh might be a project for you.

Hackintoshes have been around for a while, and give you blistering performance for much less than the off-the-shelf Mac Pro for a fraction of the price. What is a Hackintosh, exactly? A home-built computer that runs Mac OS. That’s it.

I’ve seen complete, very capable Hackintosh builds done for less than $1,000. The beauty of it is, the individual parts you use are completely up to you, and fully upgradable later, should you need more performance. This particular build we’re going to check out today has a configuration price around $2,000, not including monitors, keyboard or mouse. As you’ll hear in the video below, Marques reminds us more than a few times about how much of a “beast” it’ll be when he’s finished.

Check out the video below, part of his Hackintosh Pro Project series. If you’ve built one or plan to build one, tweet me and let me know how it went or what you’re planning to do. I’ve been thinking about building my own for a while, and this might be my motivation to get off my butt and do it.


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[Source: Marques Brownlee YouTube] [Hat tip to @dl_evans]

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