What is BufferBox and why did Google buy it?

Google purchased BufferBox Inc. The startup is the product of Y Combinator that allows you to have your packages delivered to a proxy so that you can pick them up when you want.

What does it mean for BufferBox?

I’ve worked as a startup, and in many ways you can be tightly constrained financially and by scale. Google gives Buffer quite a bit:

“So us being able to work very closely with someone like Google allows us to leverage their resources and share vision and combine thoughts and talent together to really make something a lot bigger than we ever would have imagined. We’re really excited to be able to build out that vision quite a bit quicker than we otherwise would have without them onside.”

What does it mean for Google?

I read an interesting response on Business Insider that seems to think that Google is taking on Amazon directly with this. I’m not sure that is true. This is definitely good for the guys at BufferBox and time will tell if it’s good for Google.

“Our goal is always to find founders with passion and great ideas to have them come in and not to take them apart, but instead to let them run and give them access to some of the services and things that we can do at Google and across some of our other products to make their vision big,” Steve Woods, Director of Engineering at Google

Source: Business Insider

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