What is Gorilla Glass 2 and Does It Work?

It seems to me that CES is only indirectly about the consumer, but I might be missing something.

Gorilla Glass is making a move. They’ve been able to make the glass 20% thinner. Corning has already had a lot of success getting their glass in electronics by selling to the manufacturers. They’re in the iPhones, iPads and more than 500 other models of electronic gadgets.

Gorilla Glass has gained momentum thanks to the seemingly magical myth: break resistant, and scratch resistant.

The truth isn’t quite glamorous. Gorilla Glass is much more resistant to scratches and breaks than your typical plate of glass yes, but it does scratch and break. The awesomeness of the news from CES then is that they’ve made the glass (2.0) thinner and more touch-sensitive without sacrificing toughness or resistance to scratches.

The new glass is not any less resistant to breakage than the current Gorilla Glass, which may be disappointing news to anyone who has had to put up with a cracked screen after dropping a phone.

“It’s not scratch-proof. And if they drop it on granite, it can be broken,” said Corning general manager Clifford Hund. But he added that Corning has managed to make the glass 20% thinner but just as strong

They’re selling this to the makers of the devices you and I buy.

This means we can get thinner devices.

This doesn’t mean that our devices will be scratch free.

The glass also has been engineered to let more light through, creating a brighter display screen, Corning executives said.

CES is certainly seems to be the best place to show off the latest tech for the industry. There are tech bloggers, gadget manufacturers, and retailers there anyway, why worry about the fact that your product doesn’t actually target consumers?

Consumers want thinner devices, and Corning is making it possible. Consumers want scratch free devices, Corning is doing it’s best to help out. Screen protectors like the invisibleSHIELD will always be necessary.

If you had to pick between making your device thinner without making it more scratch prone or making it less scratch prone while keeping it the same thickness, which would you choose? Is Corning fighting to get consumer or manufacturer approval?

Image Source: CNN

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