What Would You Do For an iPad 2? Please, Please Not This.

Thanks to our “What Would You Do?” contest, ZAGG enthusiasts are going to great lengths to win an iPad 2. Until June 9 th, contestants can enter an idea of what they would do, then voters will decide who had the best idea. If the winners follow through, a shiny new iPad 2 will be all theirs. The submissions are sure to get crazy, and I for one am looking forward the real inventive, fun stuff. But for heaven’s sake, please don’t get this crazy:

A 17-year-old boy in China sold one of his kidneys to get his hands on an iPad 2. The boy, without parental consent (obviously), took it upon himself to find a buyer. He succeeded, and agreed with an internet buyer to sell the organ for 22,000 yuan, or $3,400. The boy, identified as Zheng, traveled north to a hospital in Hunan province, where the operation took place.

Leave it to a mother to notice little details in her son’s life, namely the iPad 2, iPhone, and bright red surgery scar. He was promptly taken to report the crime, but the contact numbers for the surgeons provided by Zheng turned to be fake. (Shocker.)

The hospital in question denied any knowledge of the procedure, though they did admit to contracting out part of the urology department to a businessman.

While I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s crazy antics to get their ZAGG-provided iPad 2, I’m really hoping the company can avoid the lawsuits involved if one of you were to try a stunt like this!

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Source: Fox News

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