Here’s All The Changes Apple Made To The iPhone’s Camera

You know what they say: the best camera is the one you always have with you. For most of us, that’s our smartphone.

Apple’s latest iPhone 5s brings some nice upgrades and enhancements to an already great smartphone camera. With the iPhone 5s, Apple stuck with an 8MP sensor, but announced the following features and upgrades:

- 15% larger active sensor area
- 5 element lens and f/2.2 aperture
- Dual LED flash with TrueTone
- Automatic Digital Image Stabilization
- 10 frames per second burst mode
- Slow motion 720p HD video at 120 frames per second
- New camera app as part of iOS 7


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  • Skander

    Everything mentioned here is already there in the Galaxy S4 – and more like a 13MP camera and the 4K video and 120FPS 1080p slow motion in the Note 3.

    No innovation

    • Ryan

      More MP doesn’t mean better pictures.. Apple has a tendency to make improvements that actually make a difference rather than just trying to come up with the most impressive spec sheet.. And unless you’re planning on making 30 inch prints from your cell phone shots, theres no need for more MP. Its funny because Samsung spends so much money and time comparing themselves to apple and people actually buy into the spec nonsense.

      • Skander

        Tell that to all the camera reviews and comparisons. x)
        Look – “there is no need for more mega pixels” is bullshit, we saw how that went for HTC.

        Compare an image from an S4 to an image from an iPhone 5 and you’ll die from laughter, we’ll see how the Note 3′s camera dwarfs the whole market.

        Innovation is what they spend their time on, ;)

        • Adam Oates

          So tell me, what has Samsung done in any of their mobile products that has truly been innovative? Nothing. They took Apple’s design and boosted specs here and there(hence the plethora of patent lawsuits between the two companies). I’m not saying Samsung’s products are garbage, they’re not, but Apple innovated the smartphone as we now know it, not to mention the entire concept of a digital music store with single song purchasing. Samsung has yet to bring anything really new to the table aside from minor, obscure features. To date, Apple still leads the way in stable, easy to use interface and seamless integration with other devices: it works well, consistently and seamlessly, and it’s a pleasure to use. That’s the true reason Apple still dominates the market, though hype and marketing certainly help.

          • unknown

            Apple does not work seamlessly with other products. You have to own another apple product to have it work great. Plus itunes is a pain to have when you run windows. Samsung may have not created a good music store but Google did which is what runs on every android device so samsung really has no need to waste money in another one for there phone. Yes samsung has copied some of apples design but for one, whose company hasn’t and two apple has now copied samsungs ideas in the new 5s for example in ios 7 the new multitasking feature. Google and apple have also both copied ideas from eachother but I dont see them in huge lawsuits. Apple only sewed samsung because they are the one company that is keeping up and in my opinion beating there products.

          • bored

            “Girls, girls, you are both pretty. Can I go home now?”

            -Roxanne Ritchi

          • JB

            I disagree….apple seamless to being compatible with any device you’ve lost ur mind….I’ve had apple products in the past and loved them but ever since I’ve converted to android specifically samsung due to quality of device and smother running OS….tell me who is genius enough to put a glass back on a phone just to make more money off of the consumer???….That’s right apple and why u may say….because they are trying to catch up with sales of Android devices…yes maybe samsung devices have not out sold apple in a stand alone battle but more android devices sell than apple…apple is like a cult they draw you in and build hype for what?….a secure ios which is good but non customizable and no expansion memory, oh and why do I want my phone to look like everyone else who has one!….Your just as cool as the next person standing next to ya!….Here’s to innovation….Samsung all the way!….

          • Dave

            Samsung has the most innovative products on the market and they manufacture Apples parts for them – 26% of the iPhone 4 is made by Samsung. Designed in California – Made in China at Foxconn and Samsung factories. Apple has none of the features that Samsung includes – the S4 for example has the following.

            . S-Beam / Android Beam / NFC – Send files to nearby devices

            . Ambient Temperature / Humidity / Pressure Sensor – check the temperature / humidity / etc. in your immediate area / room.

            . Infrared Blaster – Change the channel or control anything that has an infrared remote control.

            . Huge Vibrant 1920×1080 HD Screen – 441ppi crushing the new iPhone 5S which only features 326ppi

            . Amazing Camera with LED flash that takes awesome pictures even in the dark. Side by side the iPhone 5 pictures look like CRAP compared to the S4!

            . Removable Battery

            . EXPANDABLE STORAGE – God forbid Apple learn to use a micro sd card slot – my S4 can hold infinite amounts of stuff – 32GB internal storage with a 128GB micro sd card. I can carry a few 128gb cards if I want to truly go crazy. I can also mount a flash drive or external hard drive because I have a MICRO USB port instead of a propietary lightening port. Terabyte Galaxy S4 anyone? LOL

          • Randy

            The removable battery and SD card are pointless things most people wont use.

          • Randy

            Well, your are mostly right. But at least Samsung was smart enough to put NFC in the phone. Apple still doesn’t have NFC. Or larger phones.

        • Pompo

          The larger the pixels the less noise and image details, larger pixels can gather more light. Do you know why full frame cameras are top notch compared to cropped ones? Because there is room for larger pixels, on cropped cameras instead they have to be crammed in there and therefore have to be smaller. High MPix count is only great for marketing.

        • Pompo

          The larger the pixels the less noise and image details, larger pixels can gather more light. Do you know why full frame cameras are top notch compared to cropped ones? Because there is room for larger pixels, on cropped cameras instead they have to be crammed in there and therefore have to be smaller. High MPix count is only great for marketing.

        • Zam

          Compare how? By putting the phones side by side? Naturally Sammy would win in terms of size and brightness and overall prettiness, but then you would be comparing screens instead of cameras.

          The only fair way to compare two cameras is to take a shot with both at the exact same spot and the exact same time and print both photos on paper in a professional lab, then compare. Have you ever seen a printed copy of a picture taken with either of these cameras?

          Few people have, let alone seen both side by side. Even then it’s a matter of taste between colourful vs natural and so on, both cameras are so good that you cannot call either of them garbage.

          That being said, the MPs really don’t equal quality. They might equal sales, though.

      • Dave

        Without Samsung there would be no apple you idiot – Samsung makes the parts that make iphones work.

  • pincherio

    I’m not a big fan of the form factor of the 5 and I’m wondering when Apple will present several form factor choices like other manufacturers. I like the smaller form factor of the 4 so how do I get the hardware upgrades into a smaller phone. Apple would have been smarter to make the form factor of the 5C a smaller size to really set it apart from their flagship 5S.

  • nobody

    Thanks to Sony again. Probably

  • Wai

    Its nice to be proud for what you own. That is why you purchased the product. Whether its an Iphone or an Droid phone, they both have their pros and their cons. I wish I could have it all but you all know that the desire for something better is the engine that drives innovation. We think we have a need for speed and we’re all so competitive. You both have something the other person wants but you just can’t have it all in the same package. Don’t let your differences drive a wedge between your wants, or should I say, “your have’s and your have not’s. This is what makes this world go around. Creativity. God is the Creator. No wonder mankind is so creative!

  • Mike Ward

    I’m curious as to how the iPhone camera would compare to a medium format film camera such as a 21/4 Yashika I use to use to photograph weddings. Also how the iPad camera would compare to a large format camera (4×5) if you wanted to do enlargements up to 16 x20.