What’s New About the iPad mini?

The second-generation iPad mini is getting a refresh today. You won’t notice such sweeping changes on the outside as with the iPad Air, though. The design remains fundamentally the same, which we aren’t complaining about.


The first and most important improvement: the iPad mini now has a Retina Display. It keeps the same 7.85-inch screen size, but packs in 4 times as many pixels, 2048 x 1536. Considering that the biggest complaint against the iPad mini all along has been its lower resolution display, this should please just about everyone who would be a potential buyer. In fact, the iPad mini now boasts the highest resolution of any tablet in the 7-inch class. The new Kindle Fire HDX, for example, is 1920 x 1200.

As for processing power, the new iPad mini is no slouch. It’s powered by Apple’s A7 chip, which will give substantial performance gains across the board over its predecessor. Apple claims CPU speeds that are twice as fast. It’s also the first mobile chip based on 64-bit architecture, introduced with the iPhone 5s last month.

As for color options, just like the iPad Air, you’ve got Silver, White, Gray, and Black.

The iPad mini will go on sale “in November” starting at $399 for the 16 GB WiFi-only model. LTE models will start at $529 for the same 16 GB option. Apple also announced they’ll be keeping the original iPad mini around and slashing the price $30 to $299 for the 16 GB WiFi-only model.


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  • Keith F. Kelly

    It’s also 0.3mm thicker, which begs the question: will the existing ZAGG Keys Cover for the original iPad mini also work on the new retina iPad mini, or will the way it clamps onto the edge no longer work due to the thickness difference? If the latter, then will ZAGG be making a new version of the ZAGG Keys Cover that will work with the retina iPad mini?

  • Thom

    I like it, but the price point is still too high. A $30 (9%) price drop is NOT “slashing” the price.

    • DVF

      It was $100 drop ($299). Or the math was wrong twice in the article

      • CCPLady

        Old iPad Mini was $329. Apple craftily increased the MSRP of the new Mini by $70

  • CWTrooper

    They are also offering a retina model with 128GB memory. For us power users this is a very welcome addition to the mini line.

  • Peter

    The mini 9 does not fit the new retina model. The mini 7 seems to fit. Bummer! The mini 9 was my preference. Hurry and get one on the shelves so I can return the mini 7 and swap it for a new 9.

  • emma

    i am using the mini cover that says it does not work for the new mini, but it works fine for mine. what up with that??