When tech and DIY collide

I feel like half of what I write about is something I came across on Pinterest. But, really, Pinterest! Land of genius ideas and interesting products! The wonders never cease.

Anyway, this isn’t a post about Pinterest necessarily. But, those of you who frequent Pinterest may have noticed that it is a DIY-ers heaven. There’s a good deal of tech stuff on their too, but it seems that DIY craftiness reigns supreme. What I find interesting though is when the tech world and the craft world collide. Not possible, you say? Sure, most people that love gadgets are not the kind to sit down with pinking shears and some felt to make an accessory for their tablet or whatever. However, it has been done! Check out some of these DIY + gadget ideas I’ve come across recently:

Create your own MacBook Air desktop stand:

DIY Leather Envelope Phone Case:

DIY iPad cover:

DIY cell phone charger (not gonna lie, a little skeptical about this one):

So, if you’re the crafty kind and always looking to save a buck, let us know what sort of DIY projects you’ve done around your beloved gadget.

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